How to Promote Your Business Locally: 5 Proven Tools

how to promote your business locally

As a local business owner, you need incoming foot traffic to stay afloat. One mistake many entrepreneurs make is ignoring the impact digital marketing can have on your local promotions.

There’s no need to waste thousands on television and radio ads. With the right strategy, you can learn how to promote your business locally without breaking your budget.

This includes combining print adverts and digital campaigns.

Now, there are many ways you can pull this off, some of which we’ll cover in this quick guide. Let’s review the top methods you can start using today.

1. Use Organic Search to Your Advantage

Sometimes, foot traffic comes when your website traffic increases. This means making it easier for your customers to find your website.

Most of today’s consumers use search engines to find products and services. By using search engine optimization, you can improve their chances of finding your business.

There are multiple ways you can make this work for you. The first is to optimize your website and blog posts with local keywords. Target specific areas where you have potential customers.

Then this brings us to the next tip.

2. Claim All of Your Business Listings

Google and other search engines all have directories that display relevant businesses based on a user’s location. Search for your business in all of them and claim them. If it’s not found, then create a listing.

Make sure you completely fill out your profiles with accurate and consistent phone numbers, address, email, URL, and hours of operation. You should also select a category for your company and include a list of products or services.

3. Start Up an Email Campaign

Email marketing continues to be a highly effective way to capture the attention of your audience. And what’s even better is that you can segment your campaigns to specific people.

If you know some of your subscribers are local, then you can create emails specifically for them. One way to get people through your doors quickly is to include special deals and discounts.

You can make these offers exclusive to your email subscribers, enticing more people to sign up.

4. Write Content for Your Blog

Your organic search campaign won’t make it far without fresh and engaging content. A blog is in order if you don’t already have one set up.

You can use something simple like WordPress to manage your content. Schedule posts in advance, so all of your time isn’t sucked away by writing. Also, make sure to include local keywords in your title, headers, and throughout the content.

Just don’t overdo it. The content should still read nicely.

5. Jump On Social Media

Social media platforms have billions of users. Although the market you’re targeting may be in the thousands, it’s still an attractive tool for promoting locally.

If you’re wondering how to promote your business locally on social media, then just know that it’s all about engagement.

Find out where your audience spends their social moments and create accounts on there. Build a human face for your brand, so prospects can see you’re an amazing company to deal with.

Get involved in conversations and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Learn More About How to Promote Your Business Locally

If you need help with getting more visibility online, Hackworth Marketing can help. Give us a call at 757-416-6109. In addition to digital marketing, you can use clever methods, like graphic ads on the side of vehicles, brochures, fliers, and other eye-catching visuals.

At Hackworth, we specialize in helping business owners get more attention from local prospects. If you need assistance, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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