Why Your Company Needs a Custom Business Sign

Why Your Company Needs a Custom Business Sign

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First impressions are important for both people and businesses alike. You only have one chance to make a good one, and if you do not, you could miss out on a new customer.

Your company’s signage says a lot about you, and it’s often one of the first things a new potential customer will see. Something a simple as the use of a certain color or font can convey a lot of information.

Boring signage that does not stand out will not get you the customers you need. It’s time to get rid of your old signage and get a custom business sign that will help you stand out.

The Importance of a Custom Business Sign

A sign is something more than a way to let people know where your business is. Signage that’s beautifully designed can be a powerful branding and advertising tool.

Curious about how something as simple as a sign can benefit your business? After you read about the benefits of having a custom sign, you will be eager to have one of your own.

Build A Brand

Branding is not something that should be reserved for large companies. Businesses of every size can benefit from having a brand that resonates with people.

Creating a brand involves a lot of visual elements, and your new custom business sign is going to play a key role in developing yours. Having the right colors, font, logo, material and print can create a powerful sign that resonates with customers.

If you have been thinking about revamping your current branding strategy (or want to create one), start with your sign. Think about what visual elements mean the most to you and your brand, and incorporate them into the signage.

Passively Market

According to a FedEx survey, 8 out of 10 people went into a new store solely because they liked its signage.

There is something about a unique and eye-catching sign that stands out to people. A custom business sign is a passive form of marketing. Your sign can do a lot to help people remember your business.

A large colorful sign could become a popular wayfinding marker for locals when they give directions. A creative sign that people like can appear in Instagram posts and Snapchat stories.

Those gestures may seem small, but they’re a useful and unique way to connect with new potential customers.

Stand Out

The local business world can be a competitive place. Making yourself stand out among bigger or more established businesses can be hard in a small marketplace.

One of the simplest ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to have an eye-catching sign. You’ll have something visual that people can immediately associate with your business.

If you truly want to make your signage stand out, there are ways you can design it to be more prominent using different sign materials and formats.

Next Steps

Now that you know the benefits of having a custom business sign, are you ready to have one of your own?

Check out our post on popular current design trends so you can get some ideas about how to design your sign.

If you have questions about business signs and professional design topics, contact us so we can help.

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Wade Joel - last year Reply

I think it is a great idea for a sign to be a passive form of marketing. We use technology of devices for promotion, but seldom consider the simple idea of a sign to advertise. Thank you for your tips on getting a business sign.

Derek Dewitt - last year Reply

My brother wants to start his own company one day, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about using logos and signs to create a brand. I can see why having a distinct look and logo would make it easier for customers to recognize you.

Oliver Ray - a few months ago Reply

I liked how you mentioned that by having a custom sign you can catch people’s eye and even their business. Seeing cool or beautiful signage will create those ideal images for your business in the person’s eye. Having a good sign might be the best advertisement you could do for your business.

Leviticus Bennett - 3 weeks ago Reply

I like your idea to revamp your branding by starting with creating a sign. It’d be pretty cool to have an engraved sign. That way, it gives the idea that your business is permanent and here to stay.

Johnny McCarron - 3 weeks ago Reply

I personally love how you mentioned that an awesome sign is a simple way to differentiate yourself from your competition. A buddy of mine wants to open a bar in the area. He’s hoping to get an outdoor sign to draw people in.

Lyla Peterson - a day ago Reply

That’s a good point that signage can act as a form of passive marketing and can help potential customers to remember your brand. Ever since starting a clothing boutique with my sister earlier this year, we have been trying to think of ways to capture the attention of customers. I think getting new signage would be a great first step towards helping us stand out against the competition.

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